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The Mississippi Department of Health, based in Jackson MS, sets the standards and laws for becoming a CNA in the state. The state requires minimum criteria of individuals who wish to pursue the field. CNA’s must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have already completed their high school degree or GED. If a person meets these requirements and can also clear a background check, health screening and are negative for TB, then they may enroll in CNA classes in Jackson MS which will equip them to become a CNA.

CNA Training Classes in Jackson MS

CNA classes in Jackson MS include a minimum of 75 hours taking place in the classroom. During these class hours, CNA students will learn the required skills a CNA must perform. Many of skills involve the procedures one must follow to properly care for medical patient’s daily needs. There are also laws that a CNA must know and follow. In addition to the time spent in class, a CNA student in Mississippi must also spend at least 16 working hours in a medical facility practicing the skills they are learning. These hours are to be completed under the direct supervision of a registered Mississippi nurse.

Once the training and CNA classes in Jackson MS are complete, Mississippi CNA students then sign up to take the state exam. Pearson Vue runs the testing for the entire state of Mississippi. Often, the course instructor will guide students on where and when to sign up for and take the exam, however a students may also visit their website to register. The web address is: The test costs $89 and is 2 parts. One multiple choice and one clinical to reflect the two different types of training (both theoretical and hands on).

CNA Jobs in Mississippi – CNA Registry

After the exam is passed, and all steps have been completed (training, background checks, physicals etc.) then a person will appear on the Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry and may begin looking for CNA jobs in Mississippi. Jackson is the capital and largest city in MS, and has the highest concentration of CNA jobs in Mississippi, followed by the Gulfport-Biloxi area. For more information on training programs or other Jackson MS specific details, contact the Mississippi CNA Registry below.

Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry
Mississippi Department of Health Facilities Licensure & Certification
570 East Woodrow Wilson Osborne Building
Suite 200
Jackson, MS 39216
Local Phone: (601) 576-7300
Toll Free Phone: (888) 204-6213