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If you are looking for CNA classes in Los Angeles California, the first place to look is the California Department of Public Health website. The website has a long list of available programs in all areas of California, of which the most popular areas for CNA classes and training are Los Angeles, Fresno CA, Sacramento, and San Diego. It is a great time to get into the CNA profession if you live in California, the population of geriatrics continues to climb, and Nurse Aide jobs are on the same incline. If you are looking for a rewarding career, and a step into the medical field, CNA training may be right for you. CNA’s in California make anywhere from $25,000 a year up to $36,000 based on the area in which they live, their experience, and the CNA job site itself. With a minimum of 150 hours of school/training, you could be out of the classroom and into some scrubs in no time!

CNA Certification California

In order to be eligible to test for CNA certification in California you must be at least 16 years of age, and have completed 100 hours of classroom training, and 50 hours in a clinical setting. California has a board that deals with CNA certification alone, and determines which CNA programs in Los Angeles are state approved. It is important that you attend a state approved CNA program in order to qualify for the California state CNA test.

Once you find CNA classes in Los Angeles or your specific area that fits your needs, you can begin working towards your 100 hours of course work. Since there are a lot of CNA programs in Los Angeles and available throughout California you can shop around a bit. As mentioned, the most popular regions for training programs are: CNA classes in Los Angeles, Fresno CA, Sacramento, and San Diego. However there are many other great California CNA License Programs throughout the state.

Before you settle on a specific CNA program in California, ask questions such as:

  • How much does the CNA program cost?
  • What is included in the cost of the program?
  • Is the exam cost separate or included?
  • Does the school set up the clinical experience site, or is that the responsibility of the student?
  • How soon could a student enroll and begin course work?
  • Is there a wait list for classes?
  • Does the program have day, night or weekend classes?
  • What is the graduation success rate?
  • How many of your students typically pass the exam on their first attempt?
  • Is there financial aid available, and if so, how can a student go about applying for financial aid?
  • Where is your ideal location to study? From CNA classes in Los Angeles to CNA programs in San Diego, there are countless options.

Asking questions such as these will help you determine if a program or school fits your needs. It is best to be well informed before making any large decision in life, especially when furthering your education. There are some online programs that are accredited by the state of California Health Department. Before enrolling in any CNA course program ensure with your local Red Cross that it is a California accredited program. If you are considering CNA training online it would be wise to self-reflect first. How do you learn best? Can you meet deadlines even if there is no accountability from an in-person instructor? Are you a self-starter? Some of the answers to these questions may indicate how you would thrive in an online CNA program. If you need the in classroom accountability, or the support from other classmates to encourage you and keep you motivated, you may want to stick to a typical classroom setting for your training. It is often possible to find an online CNA program that partners with local CNA classes in Los Angeles, for example, to bring you a balanced and flexible learning experience. Do your due diligence and explore various program options to find the solution that works best for your learning style.

Prior to beginning your CNA classes in Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, San Diego, or wherever you choose to study for certification in California, students are required to get fingerprinted. This fingerprinting is part of the criminal background check process. The state of California requires this prior to even entering a program to ensure that all candidates seeking to train are cleared under California law to practice as a CNA. Any findings of previous abuse or neglect will prevent you from being cleared to go through CNA course training.

The state of California does allow some individuals who have had some medical training, are going through nursing school, or who have been certified in other states, to skip the 150 hours of training and simply attempt the two part examination. Check with your local American Red Cross, or call the California Department of Health if you think you may qualify for attempting the exam without training. This can be a fast track for some who are looking to get into a CNA position quickly. Also, some hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities will actually pay for schooling if they are looking to hire you. Some candidates may consider this route if they have a job lead, or have been volunteering in some capacity in a medical setting. Many nursing students take the CNA exam during nursing school, and work as CNA’s in order to help fund the costs of their Nursing Program. This is an excellent way to acquire some Nursing experience prior to becoming an RN.

CNA Programs in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about becoming a certified nursing assistant and you live in Los Angeles, there are some great training programs and jobs available. Good CNA candidates are in high demand, and as a result CNA programs in Los Angeles are affordable and quick. You can apply for a CNA classes in Los Angeles if you are at least 16 years of age and have achieved your GED or graduated from high school. Typically the program is around 100 hours of in class and hands on training, and can be completed in as little as 22 days with some programs. One of the sites that offers the training to become a CNA is offered at the Red Cross facility in Chula Vista California. This program costs $1,500 dollars, but includes all of the books, materials, course work, CPR certification, and the cost of the state exam which is required to become a certified nursing assistant. Within a short amount of time you can be out of those CNA classes in Los Angeles and into the workforce in the LA area.

CNA Jobs in Los Angeles

In the Los Angeles area nursing assistant make around 22 to 31 thousand a year; some employers also include benefits such as medical and dental. As the geriatric population continues to be on the rise, nursing homes are constantly looking for well-trained, competent Certified Nursing Assistants. CNA jobs in Los Angeles are on the rise, and California is a great place for prospective CNA candidates, as the CNA job market is projected to continue to grow over the next decade or so.

California requirements are slightly different from other states within the country. Most CNA programs in Los Angeles California require that you clear a background check prior to even enrolling in the course work to make sure that you are not wasting your time taking the training when you would not be able to acquire certification upon completion of the program if you have been previously convicted of a crime. Also, many other states require a minimum age of 18 to become a CNA, but in California the minimum age is 16! As far as the training program requirements, the state of California requires a minimum of 60 course work hours, and at least one hundred hours of clinical training (training in a medical, hands-on setting).

California CNA Certification Exams

In the state of California the CNA certification exams are handled by the Red Cross. These are called the competency evaluation program or CEP, once you have completed your training program you may enroll in a CEP. The test is free of charge, unless you are re-taking the exam at which point you would be required to pay a fee. Just as in any other state, the exam is 2 parts. One part tests your theoretical knowledge and is a multiple choice style test. The other component of the exam is a practical test that requires you to perform specific skills for a proctor. After you pass each part of the exam you will be given a completion card. Once you have both cards these are your proof that you are certified to work as CNA in the state of California. This clears you to pursue a CNA jobs in Los Angeles, San Diego, or wherever you choose.

The state of California requires that you complete in-service hours to renew your certification. These hours are basically extra training that covers new material that CNA’s are required to know, and/or a refresher course of training. Each year you are required 24 hours of in-service. This means that 48 hours of in-service are required each time you need to renew your certification every 2 years. You are also required to have worked at least one day for pay within the 2 year time period that your certification was valid. If you meet these requirements you can renew your certification for another 2 years. If for some reason your certification expires without meeting these requirements, you will need to re-take the 2 part examination before you can re-gain your certification.

CNA Training Los Angeles

If you are looking for CNA classes in Los Angeles that are approved by the state of California Department of Health, contact local community colleges or the Red Cross.

Once you find a CNA program in Los Angeles to enroll in you will begin the course work of the certification process. During your course work you will learn the basics of medical care. Many people who are looking to get into the medical profession begin by going through the CNA certification process. Then while they are working as a CNA they continue their education to eventually earn an RN (registered nurse) or LPN (licensed practical nurse) degree. The subsequent list outlines some of the course requirements of CNA program within the state of California:

  • Medical Ethics and Professionalism
  • Interpersonal Skills and Communication (very important for CNA’s as you are the eyes and ears for nurses and doctors)
  • Patient’s rights
  • Emergency Procedures and prevention (such as heart attack and stoke)
  • Resident care skills (such as feeding and bathing of patients)
  • Charting and documentation
  • Vital signs (how to take properly)
  • Long term care of residents

These are some of the requirements of a CNA Certification program in California. Check with the California Health Department or local Red Cross for further specific questions about CNA certification. For a complete list of approved CNA classes in Los Angeles, or anywhere else in California, visit: then click on Certified Nurse Aide Training programs, which is located under ‘Training’ on the right hand side of the page. The downloadable file has a list of approved training programs all over California.

Where to get CNA certification in California? Where do I get CNA certification in California?

  1. The first place to check is local community colleges or tech school programs in your area. Some of the hours for the program are done in the classroom, others are done in a local clinic or hospital.
  2. Online: Search CNA certification California. Find a program that is recognized by the California state nursing board. Complete CNA classes online, find a place for clinical hours, and find a place for examination. Complete all.
  3. State College or Private College: The most expensive option, however there is financial aid. Complete Associates degree pre-requisite courses in addition to pre-nursing bachelor’s degree courses, take CNA exam during your course work. Work with the college counseling professionals to plan your course.

How to get CNA certification in California? How do I get CNA certified in California?

The first step to becoming CNA certified in California is to find a CNA program in your area. This can typically be done at a local tech school or community college. There are online programs available, however it is important to ensure that the online program is recognized by the California nursing board, or state nurse aide registry. If you complete the program online you will need to locate a testing facility to complete the examination portion, and find a local clinic or medical facility where you can complete your required clinical hours.