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Michigan is in need of trained and certified Nurse Aides. There are almost 200 different options for CNA classes in Michigan, including training programs and schools that offer Nurse Aide training. Michigan requires a minimum of 75 hours worth of training prior to CNA candidate being required to take the CNA certification Michigan exam. One distinction of the requirements that Michigan has compared to other states is that Michigan does not recognize online training programs. A CNA candidate must attend a program either at a high school, community college, university, technical school, nursing home, hospital, or local Red Cross. Once a CNA student has gone through the course work and passed the exam, a Michigan CNA can make around $26,000 subject to the place and site you find a job. CNA jobs in Michigan are on the rise as the growth of need for CNA’s within the next decade is projected to be around 14 percent. After completing CNA classes in Michigan, many Nurse’s Aides go on to nursing school. This is a common career path after completing their CNA certification Michigan. They work as CNA’s as they put themselves through school to become an RN or Registered Nurse.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the process of CNA Certification in Michigan.

What will be covered during my CNA classes in Michigan?

During your in-classroom CNA classes in Michigan hours you will learn all the basic requirements of a Nurse’s Aide. There is a lot of paperwork required of CNA’s, such as properly documenting patient records, documenting medication distribution, and other filing. You will learn how to use and understand proper medical terminology, how to work under the oversight of a Registered Nurse (RN), how to handle disabled patients, administration of day to day care of patients (such as feeding, bathing, moving), and much more. You are also required to be CPR certified. Some CNA classes in Michigan offer this as part of the course work. Another important part of the CNA training in Michigan includes how to deal with emergency situations such as choking, heart attack and stroke.

Does the state of Michigan require clinical hours in order to become a Nurse Aide?

In addition to the 75 hours of CNA classes in Michigan you will be required to complete, prospective CNA certification candidates must also complete a minimum of 16 clinical hours in a medical facility under the instruction of an RN. These hours will likely be completed in a nursing home or long-term care facility setting, but may also be completed at a hospital. Once you have completed both sets of hours you are eligible to take the CNA certification Michigan exam.

How do I register to take the CNA Certification Michigan exam?

In Michigan the CNA certification examination is administered by Prometric. You will need to send in an application to the state of Michigan Competency Evaluation Registration along with the documentation that they require. Once they receive the documentation they need and if you are cleared to take the exam you will be sent an ATT (authorization to test). You can then call a local testing site to set up a time and date for the CNA certification Michigan exam.

What does the CNA certification test consist of in the state of Michigan?

As with most states, Michigan requires that you pass a skills test and a written test. The skills test will be a set of skills demonstrated to an exam proctor. The written test consists of multiple choice questions. You must take the test within one year of completing your CNA programs in Michigan. If you do not pass either portion of the test on your first attempt, you may study and re-take the exam. In Michigan you must pass the skills test before being permitted to sit for the written exam. You will have 3 attempts to pass the exam before being required to repeat training. There are practice tests available online, and you can ask your supervising RN to help you practice some of the skills that may be tested and give you pointers. Make sure you take plenty of time to prepare yourself for the CNA certification Michigan exam.

What if I already have CNA certification from another state and want to move to Michigan?

Michigan does allow you to transfer your Nurse Aide certification, but requires you to retake both the written and the skills exam that is administered in the state. You do not, however, have to go through the 75 hours’ worth of CNA classes in Michigan, as long as you can pass the state exam.

Where can I find a list of Michigan state approved Nurse Aide programs?

As stated before, Michigan does not recognize online courses, so it is imperative that candidates find a CNA classes in Michigan that have been approved by the state Health and Nursing Departments. A list of approved CNA programs in Michigan can be found on the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) website: Here you’ll find PDF documents for each region and their prospective approved nursing programs.

Once you have completed CNA classes in Michigan, clinical hours, and have passed both exam portions, you will become certified and cleared to seek a CNA job in Michigan.