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If interested in taking CNA classes in Indianapolis, there are some distinctions between Indiana’s requirements and other states that you must understand. One of the interesting things about requirements for certification in Indiana is that less class time is required, but more practical or clinical hours are required in comparison to some other state’s requirements. In Indiana a prospective nursing aide candidate must complete 30 hours of classroom time, and 75 hours of clinical training. When choosing CNA classes in Indiana it is important to check with the state nursing board for a list of approved programs. Some states are less picky about the program in which you choose, whereas Indiana requires that your CNA training is state approved.

Indianapolis is the largest city and capital Indiana. The city is the second largest in the Midwest, and the 14th largest metro area in the country. Indianapolis is often referred to as the Crossroads of America, as it is a major hub of both domestic and international travel. Health care is among the largest industry sectors of Indianapolis. There are 3 top hospitals in the area:

  • IU Health Academic Health Center – Indianapolis, IN
  • St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center – Indianapolis, IN
  • IU Health North Hospital – Carmel, IN

All are regionally ranked in Indiana, and IU Health Academic Health Center & St. Vincent Hospital are ranked nationally in their respective specialties. Indianapolis also has 111 registered nursing homes, 19 of which hold 5-star ratings via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These numbers are appealing, as a majority of CNAs will work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other care centers. In 2014, Indianapolis registered almost 8,000 CNA jobs in Indiana – vastly more than any other area in the state. The city size and infrastructure, coupled with it’s health care dominance, makes CNA classes in Indianapolis a valuable consideration among candidates looking to find work in the area after their certification is acquired.

CNA Certification Classes in Indiana

The state of Indiana has a very clear curriculum for Nursing Aide training. They have 30 distinct lessons that each has very clear objectives of what needs to be covered during that lesson. All state approved programs must follow these lesson outlines and guidelines. Once the CNA training in Indiana is complete, a prospective candidate must also take and pass the 2 part examination. The exam is similar to other state examinations and is comprised of the written portion and the skills portion. Through state approved CNA classes in Indiana one should be adequately prepared for the examination, but candidates are urged to study for the test.

Indianapolis Indiana CNA License

Licensing in the state of Indiana for CNA’s has been given to Ivy Tech Community college in Indianapolis. Testing is done onsite at Ivy Tech. As with many states, a prospective applicant has 3 chances to pass the exam, otherwise they will not qualify for CNA certification Indiana licensure. One of the great things about Indiana CNA certification is that Indiana and Illinois have complete reciprocity between their registries. You can be on both registries without having to apply or go through testing in the other state. This is wonderful for people who live close to the boarder and may live in one state but work in the other.

Below are some commonly asked questions about CNA classes in Indiana and the answers:

What CNA programs in Indiana are state approved programs?

Some of the more popular programs are as follows:

  • Ivy Tech Community College, Central Indiana
  • Goshen College, Goshen Indiana
  • MedTech College, Fort Wayne Indiana
  • Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing, Lafayette Indiana

How old do I need to be to become a CNA in Indiana?

Just as with most states, in Indiana you need to be 18 years of age or older and have graduated high school or attained your GED. Once you meet these basic requirements you may then begin a state approved CNA classes in Indianapolis, or whichever area of Indiana you choose.

Do I have to pass a background check to become a CNA in the state of Indiana?

Yes. Indiana requires a background check and zero criminal history in order to become a licensed CNA. In addition, if you are transferring your CNA certification from another state there can be no instances where you have been guilty of abuse or neglect in another state.

What is the cost of CNA training Indiana?

Typically CNA classes in Indiana cost between five hundred and a thousand dollars. Often people are able to get financial aid to help with the burden of this portion of the schooling. Once schooling is completed, the two part examination costs 75 dollars in Indiana. If you were to fail one portion of the test it will cost 65 to re-take that potion.

What types of things are covered during the course work?

As stated before, Indiana has a very specific program with 30 distinct lessons. Each lesson covers basic information such as patient’s rights, nursing treatment, mental health recognition etc. For an entire outline of the lessons that will be covered you can go to:

What if I am certified elsewhere but want to transfer to Indiana?

Transferring a valid CNA certification to Indiana is relatively simple as long as you are currently on another state’s registry and have worked a minimum of 8 hours for pay within the last 2 years. The state then requires you to simply take their 2 part state examination and apply for a license submitting your scores and current certification from your former state. They will also require you to have a background check and fingerprinting on file to work in the state of Indiana. As stated before, you may not need to jump through these hoops at all if you have an Illinois certification, as these 2 states share complete reciprocity and registries.

How often do I need to renew my license and what are the requirements?

The state will notify you by mail several months before your license is due to expire. For this reason it is important to keep your address up to date and on file with Indiana’s state nursing board. You will need to prove that you have worked a minimum of 8 hours for pay as a CNA within the last 24 months. You will also need to have logged a 12-hour minimum in-service per year.