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If you are looking to get your Georgia CNA Certification, you must complete one of the many CNA programs in GA, pass the exams, and meet all requirements in order to appear on state registry. Employers check the Georgia CNA Registry to ensure that the people they hire are properly certified for the job they are filling. This all may sound like a lot of work, but it can actually be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. Some people are able to achieve their CNA certification within a few short months and are able to complete CNA classes in GA and be out of your CNA classes and into a medical field position. This is great news for those looking to start in the medical field as quickly as possible. Some people then choose to work as CNA in Georgia all the way through retirement, others choose to continue their education towards a higher level medical degree. Whatever your plans, beginning the process with CNA classes in GA may be a great place for you to start!

So how can you achieve the certification required to work as a CNA in Georgia? The first step is finding one of the state approved CNA programs in GA for your course work. These days most technical schools and community colleges offer CNA coursework. Depending on the region of Georgia that you live in, there may be many options. CNA classes in Atlanta GA, for example, are plentiful. The most popular CNA classes in GA are in Atlanta, Augusta, Albany, Savannah, Columbus & Macon. If you cannot find a training program in your specific area, you can always check with your local Red Cross. Sometimes the Red Cross even offers CNA programs on site.

What Do CNA Classes in Georgia Teach?

CNA classes in GA are designed to teach a person all the basic skills a CNA needs to master. These include items such as patient care, checking vital, documentation, and communication. All of these duties are part of the responsibilities a CNA has within a hospital, nursing home or care center. Once the course hours are complete there are additional hours of needed time in a clinical setting. These would be hours of ‘training’ completed in an operating medical setting, under the supervising guidance of a registered nurse. The result of the CNA training is to equip a person to be able to take and pass the state exams. The Georgia exams are run by Pearson Vue. The exam is made up of 2 parts, the first being a multiple choice section, and the second being a practical examination. The practical exam is judged by a proctor, this exams requires the CNA candidate to perform tasks in front of the examiner that are necessary for a CNA to know.

Enjoying CNA Classes in Atlanta GA

Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the great state of Georgia. With over 5.5 million people in it’s greater metro area, Atlanta is the 9th largest metro in the country. The city is the economic and business center of Georgia, with vibrant culture and history. In 1996 the city was revitalized for the Olympic summer games, beautifying the downtown area and bringing it into the 21st century. Atlanta is a great place to live, work, and thrive as a CNA.

With it’s large network of hospital systems and care centers, Atlanta – Sandy Springs – Marietta have by far the highest occupational employment opportunities within the state. With total CNA jobs approaching 18,000 in 2014, the future looks bright for Atlanta Nursing Assistants. The Savannah, Macon, & Columbus GA areas follow, with between 1,000-2,000 CNA jobs on record. The local CNA programs are plentiful. As of August 2015, the Georgia Medical Care Foundation lists 323 active CNA Training Programs in GA, with a majority of these CNA classes in Atlanta GA.

What happens when a person passes both Georgia CNA License Exams?

Once a person has taken CNA classes in Georgia and passed both portions of the license certification exam, they will end up on the Georgia CNA Registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant. This means that they can then apply for CNA jobs in Georgia. A person who has completed all the requirements may legally work as a CNA in the state. If you have received a CNA license from another state, Georgia does have a reciprocity program. You would be required to prove that you have a valid license and that you have not been convicted of abuse or neglect in any other state in order to transfer. Once you have proved this you can apply for CNA certification in Georgia.

Who can apply for CNA Certification in Georgia?

A person who has graduated high school or completed their equivalent GED certification may apply for CNA certification Georgia status. Keep in mind that a person applying for CNA certification must have a clean criminal background check, as they will be working with people in the medical field. The state of Georgia will not allow someone with a criminal past to obtain certification to work as a CNA, or any other medical professional for that matter.