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New Jersey has laws in place that require nurse aides who are working in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or long term care facilities, to be properly trained and certified prior to working in this capacity. As with many states, New Jersey requires that a Certified Nursing Assistant candidate must complete CNA training in NJ that has been approved by the New Jersey Health Department. You can check with the Health Department or your local American Red Cross to find approved training programs in your area of New Jersey.

CNA training in NJ includes both clinical hours and classroom hours. This means you will have more time practicing the skills you will be performing, once you have your CNA certification, in a real-life medical care environment under the supervision of a registered nurse. 50 hours will be spent in CNA classes in NJ prior to working in a clinical setting. 40 hours need to be clocked to meet the clinical requirement in the state of New Jersey. It is really a testament to the state of New Jersey and the value they place on the care of patients in long term care facilities that they require so many clinical hours. This hands-on CNA training in NJ is what will best equip you for the work of a Nurse Aide. The program usually last between 8 and 13 weeks, so it will quickly have you out of CNA classes in NJ and into a career as a CNA (so long as you pass the New Jersey state administered CNA exam).

Frequently asked questions about CNA classes in NJ and the training process are outlined below:

What will my CNA training in NJ cover?

New Jersey requires that you will be well trained and well equipped to aide registered nurses in a hospital, nursing home, long term care, or assisted living environment. The basic care of patients will be covered during your CNA training in New Jersey. Such things as: medical terminology, nutrition, infection control, and anatomy. During your CNA training you will learn the basic elements of taking a patients vitals, how to administer personal care to patients who can’t care for themselves, CPR, and communication skills in order to relay necessary information to Nurses and Doctors whom you will report to. Additionally, CNA classes in New Jersey will teach you how to respond in emergency situations, administration of medicine procedures, and some about mental health. There are many areas that will be covered at a surface level, so that you will be equipped to do basic nursing skills for the patients under your care.

What if I have CNA Certification in another state?

As with many states, New Jersey does have reciprocity. If you have moved to New Jersey with CNA certification from another state you may apply for New Jersey certification under reciprocity. You will need to contact PSI at 1-877-774-4243, to see if you eligible for a CNA reciprocity certification in the state of New Jersey. Your certification from another state must be in good and active standing. You cannot have been convicted of any crime or neglect or persons in the previous, or any other state. You will be required to be re-fingerprinted and have a background check in the state of New Jersey. Finally, you will be required to apply for a reciprocity certification and pay the applicable fee to the state of New Jersey.

Do I have to be certified to work in an acute care facility?

The state of New Jersey does not require people working in an acute care hospital to be certified as a nurse aide. However, anyone working in a long-term care facility or hospital, or even a sub-acute hospital, needs to be properly trained and certified as a CNA.

Will I have to renew my CNA Certification in New Jersey once I obtain it?

The New Jersey Health Department requires that you renew and update your certification to remain on the New Jersey CNA registry once every two years. You will also may have to be re-fingerprinted as well, depending on what they find on file for your previous fingerprinting. Make sure to keep an updated address on file with the department, as they will notify you by mail approximately 45 days prior to your license expiring.

What should I do to prepare myself for the New Jersey CNA exam?

It is a good idea to take some practice tests online to get a feel for the questions. You may want to review possible skills that may be tested with your supervising RN as well. Make sure you review the material you learned throughout your course work. Get plenty of rest the night prior to the exam.

Additional New Jersey CNA Training Program Info:

For a current list of New Jersey state approved CNA training programs you can visit:   The New Jersey health facilities page has a downloadable document entitled Approved Training and Competency Evaluation Programs for Nurse Aides in Long-Term Care and Medication Aides in Assisted Living Revised September 8, 2014 which may be viewed here. This list is organized by New Jersey counties for an easy way to find CNA programs near you.