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North Dakota, while having one of the smallest populations of any state in the nation, has one of the highest nonmetropolitan concentration of CNA jobs and location quotients. This means that North Dakota is a surprisingly strong region for CNA jobs and healthcare field support. The average CNA salary in North Dakota is strong as well, in comparison to the national average. The national average wage for Nursing Assistants is $12.62 per hour, or $26,250 per year, while North Dakota sees an average of $13.75 per hour and $28,590 per year. There are many strong options for CNA classes Fargo ND as well, making North Dakota an appealing place to study, train, and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

North Dakota CNA Certification Requirements

Requirements for students looking to start CNA classes Fargo ND include having completed a high school degree or GED certification, having a clean background check and fingerprinting scan, and being at least 18 years of age. If these requirements are met, a person can then enroll in a North Dakota CNA course to complete the required 75 hours of instruction time. Some CNA training programs in North Dakota include more than the minimum 75 hours. A portion of these hours will be spent in CNA classes Fargo ND, while the remainder take place at a medical site where CNA students actually practice the skills under nurse supervision. All of the required CNA training ND hours are geared towards preparing CNA students to pass the North Dakota CNA test. Training programs for CNA certification ND can be found at many North Dakota community and tech schools, some high schools in North Dakota also offer CNA training. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to be able to achieve a certificate prior to completing, or as they complete, high school. In Fargo, North Dakota, for instance, CNA training is offered onsite at Fargo High School. Some Health centers or even nursing homes offer CNA classes in Fargo ND as well. Some sites will hire a person without CNA certification and train them post-hire. Part of the reason sites in North Dakota are willing to train CNA’s on site is because of the high demand and large need for qualified CNA’s.

State Approved CNA Classes Fargo ND

In North Dakota CNA certification is regulated by the North Dakota Department of Health. North Dakota CNA certification training courses need to be approved by the state. There are currently around 50 programs which are state approved, you can find the list on the North Dakota Department of Health website at: It’s important to ensure that the course you sign up for is state approved in order to avoid wasting time and money during the process.

Once CNA classes Fargo ND are complete, North Dakota does require CNA students to take and pass the CNA exam. This is registered for and taken through Pearson Vue, a national company which administers CNA tests in various states (including testing CNA students in North Dakota). Upon completing all required steps, a CNA perspective may then apply for actual certification through the North Dakota Department of Health. Once approved, the newly registered CNA will appear on the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. This will enable the individual to apply for CNA work throughout the state (if they haven’t already achieved a position). CNA certification is a great asset for those who may be thinking of moving to other states as well, since North Dakota has reciprocity with most states, and CNA certification and North Dakota CNA Registry status can be fairly easily transferred.

For more information contact the North Dakota CNA Registry at

North Dakota Department of Health
Community Health Section
600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 301
Bismarck N.D., 58505-0200
Phone : 701.328.2353
Fax: 701.328.1890