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Just as with any state, New York requires anyone who wishes to work as a nurse’s aide to be registered on with the state Nursing Board Registry. If are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of New York you need to meet the basic requirements of completing a NYC CNA training course, passing the state examination and then being registered with the state nursing board.

7 Routes to CNA Certification in New York City

In the state of New York there are basically 7 different routes you can take to becoming a Certified Nurse Aide. These different routes are outlined below. You can follow the one that best matches your situation in order to achieve CNA certification NY status and be placed on the New York CNA Registry to work as a nurse’s aide in the state.

Route 1: New Nursing Aides

If you have never been a nursing aide or assistant in New York or any other state you would follow route 1. The first step in route 1 is to complete a New York approved nursing aide training program. You must have completed the CNA training NYC coursework within the last 2 years in order to apply for certification. You can work for a nursing home as you are completing this course work. The benefit of this is that the nursing home you are employed for must pay for your exam. Once the NYC CNA training is complete you need to apply for certification and then take your 2 part examination. Once you apply you will be scheduled for the state exam at a designated site. Once you pass you will be given your certification. You have a maximum of three attempts to pass the 2 part state examination.

Route 2: You already have CNA Certification from another state

If you are already on another state’s CNA registry you can easily obtain your CNA Certification NY license. Basically all you need to do is submit an application to the New York State Nursing Board along with your CNA certification license from your former state. If your name is different on your certification make sure you also submit proof of your name change. You will need to pay the application fee. You may be required to confirm that your CNA work included a minimum of 7 paid hours within the past 2 years in order to obtain CNA certification NY if there is no expiration date on your current license. Have you previous employer write a letter on proper letterhead in order to prove this.

Route 3: Graduate Nurses wishing to work as a Nursing Assistant

If you are a graduate nurse in any state you can easily get your nursing aide certificate in the state of New York. You are not required to take any further CNA classes in NYC, however you must pass the 2 part state nursing aide examination. One part will consist of a multiple choice test; the other part will require you to perform a few basic nursing aide skills for an auditing examiner. Your nursing school training will adequately prepare you for this exam. However, if you would like to study prior to the examination there are many practice tests available online.  You must then complete the nursing aide application and submit your nursing program diploma to the state nursing board.

Route 4: RNs and LPNs licensed in the United States

If you are currently licensed RN or LPN in any state, the state of New York will not require you to take any additional CNA classes in NYC, or take the examination. All that is required is for you to submit an application for your nursing aide certification and supply them with a copy of your valid RN or LPN license.

Route 5: Nurses trained outside the United States of America

As a foreign trained nurse you must take the nurse’s aide examination in order to receive certification in New York to work as a nursing aide. Before you are eligible to take the exam you must submit several things to the New York State Nursing Board: copy of your social security card, a copy of your nursing license, copy of your nursing school diploma, documentation of your nursing school class work, and a copy of your previous examination scores. Upon presentation of all such documents you will be able to take the nursing aide examination and once it is passed you will receive certification to work as an aide in the state of New York.

Route 6: You are were trained as a Nurse Aide and your CNA certification lapsed

If you had CNA certification in New York, but did not work for pay within the last 2 years, your certification is considered lapsed. Basically you will have to re-take the examination to regain CNA certification NY status once again.

Route 7: Lapsed and CNA training was prior to 1989

Unfortunately, there are some instances when you will have to re-do the CNA training NYC program (start from the beginning) in order to regain New York CNA certification.

Statistics on CNA Jobs in New York

New York has the highest employment level for CNA in the nation. In addition to over 100,000 CNA jobs in New York in 2014, the state has the third highest pay rate for CNA in the country. In 2014, the average earned wage for CNA was $15.61, or $32,470 per year. Out of the 100,000 CNA jobs in New York, the New York City – White Plains – Wayne Metropolitan Division had the highest concentration of jobs in the state, with 61,870 jobs. This area also ranked in the top 10 paying metropolitan areas in the country, at an average of $16.33 per hour or $33,960 each year.