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Pursuing CNA classes in Utah to become a certified nurse aide (or assistant) has become increasingly popular in recent years. CNA jobs in Utah are in high demand, and this trend is projected to continue over the next decade or so as the baby-boomer population reaches older age. Each year there are increasingly more people going into long-term or nursing home centers. These facilities rely on well trained and certified nurse aides to help care for their patients and residents. Those with CNA certification Utah are needed to fulfill these positions. It is a great time to enroll in CNA classes in Utah and work towards your Nursing Certification.

Find the Best CNA Classes in Utah

Before jumping into CNA classes in Utah, it is best to be sure whatever program you are looking to enroll in is accredited and approved by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry.* Once you have chosen and enrolled in CNA classes in Utah you will need to pass a criminal background check, undergo a complete physical and be TB tested. The training course must consist of at least 80 hours of classroom learning time. Course programs may vary to some degree, but 80 is the minimum. In addition to the classroom hours required, candidate must complete clinical hours in a health care setting prior to sitting for the state required CNA exam in order to be certified.

During the classroom and clinical hours you will be learning how to provide basic care to patients in a long term medical, or nursing home setting. You will be taught basic medical terminology, how to keep accurate records, administration of medication, how to take and record patient’s vitals, as well as sanitation and dealing with emergency situations. The primary responsibility of a CNA is to assist patients in day to day activities (such as eating, cleaning, moving etc.) while communicating to supervising nurses any changes in a patients physical or mental health.

CNA Certification Utah Exam

After completing the CNA training program and clinical hours, students must take a 2 part examination. One part of the exam will be a multiple choice test testing student’s theoretical knowledge of the course materials and terminology that should have been acquired during the classroom lessons. The second part of the exam consists of practical portion. This is a performance of tasks done before an examiner. Students will be required to perform a handful of skills to prove their ability and mastery of skills needed to work as a CNA. Part of the requirements for the skills portion of the exam is proper hand washing procedures as well as proper nursing attire (scrubs and closed toed shoes etc.). Testing students should approach the skills exam as if they were performing on an actual patient under their care. If you are not successful in passing either of the CNA tests in the state of Utah you will be required to re-take BOTH exams again. You have three attempts to pass both exams, otherwise you will be required to retrain.

Utah CNA Registry

Passing both exams after completion of training is what will land a student on the CNA certification registry in Utah. This will allow Utah CNA registry named people to apply for work as CNA’s in the state. The median salary of CNA’s in the state of Utah is approximately $22,000 a year. Once you have your CNA certification in Utah you can opt to start training for a Nursing degree as your work as a CNA. Registered Nurses make a fair amount more than CNA’s in Utah. Becoming a CNA though, is a quick route into the medical world and a jumpstart to your medical career. A few short months and you may be able to achieve CNA certification, apply to CNA jobs in Utah, and be working as a paid medical professional.

Cost of CNA classes in Utah varies from place to place. It is important to do your research before enrolling in a program. There are additional costs to becoming a CNA in Utah, such as the 40 dollar cost of the skills test, and the 35 dollar fee for the written exam. Also, the cost for a physical, and fingerprinting may be your responsibility depending on the program.

If you are already registered as a certified CNA in another state you may be able to transfer your registry to CNA certification Utah without having to re-train. Contact the UNAR in Utah to get an application for the transfer of your CNA certification to the state of Utah.

*If you go to the following website: there is a PDF file which includes a list of all approved courses by the Nursing Assistant Registry. It also includes contact information, as well as pass rates for each of the respective CNA certification Utah programs. This is a great source for prospective students looking to enroll CNA Classes in Utah.