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Obtaining CNA Certification in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of many states in the United States that has an increasing demand for well-trained and qualified CNA’s or Certified Nurse Aides (or Assistants). As a result, there are many great options for CNA classes in CT. Part of the reason for this increase in need for CNA’s is due to the age of the baby boomer population. As so many from this large group reach geriatric status, more and more people are being placed in nursing homes or long term care facilities. These facilities depend on CNA’s to assist residents in daily care activates and monitoring of patient’s medical status. In Connecticut this need is forecasted to continue over the ten years or so. It is a great time for students who are looking to get into a medical career quickly to consider starting CNA classes in CT.

Get Certified with CNA Classes in Connecticut

Once you have chosen a Connecticut State approved CNA training program and enrolled, you will begin the CNA classes in CT to work towards certification. In this time you will learn all about CNA jobs in Connecticut and what they entail. The CNA training program will be a minimum of 100 hours. During this time you will primarily focus on learning communication and interpersonal skills, resident’s/patient’s rights, resident’s independence and daily care needs, safety and emergency procedures (CPR, Heimlich maneuver etc.), and infection control. All of these areas have a variety of skills imbedded within them that are required for being a successful CNA. The state of Connecticut has very strict requirements so as to meet the federal and state laws regarding what is needed to be part of CNA training.

After the CNA classes in CT work is complete, students are required to complete clinical hours in a medical setting with supervision of a RN. Usually around 80 hours will be conducted in a medical or nursing home setting, practicing and perfecting the skills under close supervision. Once all the training is done, Connecticut CNA candidates may attempt to take the 2 part exam.

Before you can sign up for the CNA certification exam in Connecticut, a candidate must undergo and criminal background check and fingerprinting. This is to ensure that people in good standing are working with patients. There can be absolutely no instances of neglect or abuse in your criminal history. The Connecticut exam is given in two parts, the first part is a 60 question multiple choice written test. This needs to be completed within the time limit of an hour and half. A skills test is what makes up the second part of the exam. CNA candidate will be required to perform 5 skills in the presence of an examiner. The test fee for the CNA exam in Connecticut is $108 dollars. Upon completing CNA classes in CT, and passing the CNA exam (both parts), you would then be placed on Connecticut CNA registry which allows you to apply for and work as a paid Certified Nursing Assistant.

After Training Program Completion – Keeping CNA Certification License Current

In order to keep your CNA certification license current, you must work a minimum of 8 paid hours as a CNA in a 2 year period. Make sure you keep a current address on file with the Connecticut Health Department so that when it is time to renew your certification the renewal notice reaches you. The state of Connecticut typically sends out the forms 2 months prior to expiration of certification. This should be filled out and returned as quickly as possible to ensure that your name remains on the Connecticut CNA registry.

For those who already have CNA certification in another state, it is possible to transfer your certification to Connecticut through their reciprocity requirements. There is typically no need to re-train or re-test if you have a valid CNA certification from another state. There is an application process and fee, and your name must appear on another state’s CNA registry list and you must be in good standing with no history of abuse or neglect. Also, RN’s or LPN’s can apply for CNA certification CT without training or testing.

Some students use CNA classes in CT and the accompanying certification to jump start their medical career. They then work as a Certified Nursing Assistant as they continue to work towards a nursing degree. CNA certification CT is a great start, and a quick way to begin working in a medical capacity. Some students are able to finish their CNA classes in CT and certification process within a few short months. This is great news for Connecticut residents who are looking to get out of classes and into the workforce as quickly as possible.

A great source for understanding Connecticut’s requirements of CNA certification CT is the website: This Connecticut Department of Health page outlines the process of becoming a CNA. It also has a link to a PDF file of all the approved CNA Connecticut training programs. It is important that the training program is approved by the Connecticut Department of Health so that you can end up on the CNA registry once you have met all the requirements.