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In the next 10 years or so job openings in Texas are projected to grow around 28% or more. It is a great time for those who are looking to get CNA certified and work in the great state of Texas. CNA certification is a usually a quick way to get your foot in the door of the health-care field. By taking CNA classes in Houston or Dallas TX, candidates will learn the skills necessary to work in a rewarding profession with a limited amount of schooling. The following questions answer the most commonly asked questions about obtaining a CNA certification Texas license.

Becoming CNA Certified in Texas

To gainfully work as a CNA in TX, one must appear on the Texas CNA Registry. In order to be listed on the registry there are three basic qualification steps:

1. Step one is to find and qualify for an approved program within the state of Texas. CNA classes in Houston are a popular location, as are CNA classes in Dallas TX and San Antonio. In order to be accepted into an approved program, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated high school, or completed their high school equivalency or GED. A clear criminal background check and full health screening must also be passed before qualifying for CNA classes in Houston or whichever city you choose to study in. These are common requirements of all states to ensure patient safety in the medical environment.

2. Step two is complete a Texas CNA training program. CNA classes in Dallas TX take approximately 75 hours. 51 of the hours are required to take place in classroom setting. A minimum of 24 hours will spent in a clinical training setting, which means hands on medical training at a facility where you will receive hands on training under supervision. All of the training will prepare you for the state required examination.

3. The final step towards CNA certification Texas status is passing the state required examination. This is a two part exam which consists of a written section that includes multiple choice questions on the material you learned throughout your training; as well as practical assessment in which you will need to demonstrate skills you have acquired throughout the program and clinical experience.

CNA Classes in Houston & Dallas TX

In the state of Texas CPR certification is worked into the curriculum and is essential for the work of a Certified Nurse Aide. CNA classes in Houston, for example, will prepare prospective Nursing Assistants in a variety of basic patient care skill sets including CPR. Much of this will include day to day care procedures such as checking vitals, distributing medication and aiding in personal daily care regimes. In addition to the basic skills of patient care, you will also be trained in how to recognize residential abuse or foul play, proper sanitation procedures to eliminate the risk of transferring viral infections, as well as infection control. Training on how to communicate with mentally ill patients will be part of the CNA training. Also, how to handle emergency situations, and how to cope and help others cope with impending deaths. Much of the training is completed in a classroom, but most CNA’s find that the time spent in a clinical practice setting, doing hands on work, is where the majority of the CNA certification Texas learning takes place.

Once I’ve completed CNA Classes in TX, what’s next?

Once you have completed all your in classroom hours, and your clinical practice hours in a medical setting (nursing home or hospital), you will be required to take, and pass the state CNA certification Texas exam. Your course instructors will most likely let you know when and where tests are taking place. You will need to register for a test and pay the $83 dollar fee prior to taking the exam. It is advised to study prior to taking the CNA exam. Your CNA classes in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio TX will prepare you for the certification exam. Practice tests can be found online to help with preparation. In the state of Texas the exam is administered by Pearson Vue and has 2 parts. Part of the test is a written portion which requires the test takers to answer 70 multiple choice questions on the materials covered throughout your in class coursework. The second portion is the practical exam section. The practical portion is where you must complete 4 out of 5 nurse aide tasks in front of an examiner. Once you have passed both portions you will automatically be placed on the Texas state nurse’s aide registry. You can actually print your certificate directly off of the internet once scores are posted, if you pass.

What do I do once I am on the Texas CNA Registry?

When your name is officially listed on the Texas CNA registry all that is left to do is build your resume, apply and interview for jobs. The outlook over the next decade for CNA jobs in state of Texas is good. There is an expected growth of up to 28% need for more CNA’s.

CNA Jobs in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Texas

Texas has the 4th highest CNA employment rate in the country. With over 85,000 CNA jobs in Texas, there are many employment opportunities for aspiring CNAs. The Eastern Texas nonmetropolitan area houses over 4,000 CNA jobs, making it the 5th highest job concentration areas in rural America.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX region supports an outstanding 20,500 CNA jobs. If you factor in the Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX Metropolitan Division, there are another 13,000 jobs to add to the equation. Dallas if followed by the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX area, which holds nearly 17,000 CNA jobs in Texas. Dallas and Houston are followed by San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX, which has just under 6,500 employed CNAs in the region.

Texas has a strong healthcare market, with more than 600 hospitals in the state. Out of the 600 hospitals, 9 are nationally ranked as top medical centers for their individual specialties. An additional 35 hospitals meet high performing U.S. standards. Dallas and Houston have the highest concentration of hospitals in the state. There are nearly 1,200 nursing homes in Texas, of which 12 percent earned an overall five-star performance rating from federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service. These ratings take account of their quality of care, performance in health inspections, and of course, the rating of their nursing staff. On average, CNA’s in the state of Texas make about $24,000 a year depending on the area of the state in which you live. Odessa, Waco, & Amarillo TX are among the highest paying cities.

This information is encouraging to candidates seeking their CNA certification Texas license, as nursing homes and hospital systems are among the most common CNA employers. By taking CNA classes in Houston or Dallas TX, students may be able to network with local medical centers throughout their training, which may lead to an edge in the application process.